Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the passion of thinking and learning, and to instill a scientific way of observing the world. Because just imbibing knowledge is not ample in this competitive world.

Why your child needs this

We do not know what the future holds for us, but we surely agree that the budding young minds of today have a lot to contribute in..also in making their dreams come true..

With the traditional methods of learning done in schools which involves great deal of theoretical knowledge, we prohibit the children from indepth thinking habituately. We cut down the wings of their curious, inquisitive minds and force them to learn what is enough. This kind of passive learning would surely make them educated, but not learned or bring them to the level of knowledge application.

With a passion and strong desire to help bring about a change in this regard, we have taken a big step towards ameliorating the learning in schools. Our methodology is based on a concept called "Constructivism".

What is in it for your kid

Our budding scientists, mathematicians and engineers will augment their creativity and inquisitiveness through fun and hands-on activities.We believe in assisting the child understand the principles of science on his own. They will learn to work individually and in team, in activities which integrate science literacy, mathematical skills, technological know-how, and environmental awareness. accordingly.

As a result, our next generation will be positively engaged in creative endeavors as they build their careers in fields related to Science, Mathematics and Technology.We embrace constructivism. We design our programs and conduct our classes